B. General (r) Guy Nir

B. General Guy Nir held key positions in Israeli National Police. Nir was the head of the intelligence directorate, head of Interpol Jerusalem, Liaison officer in Latin America, head of drug unit and more. Nir has international reputation and vast relationships around the world, after 34 years of service in intelligence and special operations.

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M.G Nestor Roncaglia


General Rongaglia, former head of the Federal Police of Argentina and former president of the Interpol organization of the Americas, has decades of service, a rich command-management and operational background alongside strategic vision and global reputation.

Dra. Ana Margarita duran de Leon


Dr. Ana Margarita, former Colombian State Attorney for Narcotics. She also held a number of public and administrative positions. Expert in intelligence, investigations and management of international cases and complex cases.

Special Agent (r) Artur Ventura

Central and North America

Special Agent Arthur (Ace) Ventura served for decades in federal law enforcement units in the United States. Among other posts, Ventura served in strategic positions on the Latin American continent and specialized in money laundering, terrorism and drug cases. Ventura led some of the most complex investigations against the largest drug lords and money launderers in Latin America and was one of the designers of the DEA's policy regarding the confiscation and economic attack of the targets.

Dr. Eduardo Garnica


Doctor Garnica, a senior member of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine of Colombia, also served as the head of the criminal and forensic investigation laboratories of the Colombian Security Service (D.A.S). Specialized in investigations in complex cases, including guerrilla, drug and terrorism cases.