The capture of Moshe Ben Avgi, the murderer of taxi driver Derek Roth, in Argentina

The Derek Roth murder was a murder that shocked Israel in 1994, when taxi driver Derek Roth was murdered by two 14-year-old boys, Moshe Ben-Ivgi and Arbel Aloni. The two were caught and sent to prison.

Ten years later, in 2004, Ben Ivgi escaped from prison in Israel and arrived in Argentina using a fake passport. There he hid together with other fugitive criminals. General Nir initiated an extensive chase operation in Argentina after Ben Avgi. The chase was surprising, full of bumps and surprises and did not end even after Ben Avgi was arrested.

 A kind of chases you see in the movies.

Spoiler - he was released on bail and Nir arrested him again and again until he was extradited to Israel in the end.