The capture of Ben Sutchi and Erez Akrishevski in South America

The pursuit of the fugitive criminals Ben Sutchi and Erez Akrishevsky is an amazing story, which could support several episodes of a television series. Two dangerous criminals escape from prison in Israel and arrive in Mexico using fake passports. One police officer sent to South America and a three and a half year manhunt across several Latin American countries. The hunt began in February 2002 in Mexico, when the two assimilated in a city of 25 million inhabitants. Every time the Nir police officer was about to arrest them, the two escaped with the help of corrupt local police officers.

They fled from Mexico to Venezuela and Argentina. During their escape, they committed other serious crimes and even tried to obtain information about Nir's location and movements on the continent. The two paid large sums of bribes to police officers in Mexico and Venezuela and they alerted them to Nir's movements and even sometimes actually sabotaged the activity.

A happy ending - the two were captured and returned to serve their prison terms in Israel.