Technology is a blessing, but it might become a 'white elephant

The managers of law enforcement organizations strive to promote the organization technologically. An organization that doesn't develop and purchase new technologies is like a cyclist who stops pedaling.
The organized crime, by its nature, also strives to improve its activities technologically in order to overcome the supervision and monitoring of the police. the resources available to organized crime are more generous, and in many cases it 'leads' in this 'technology race'.
Acquiring technology for an organization is a complex process.
I have attended conferences and meetings in which the organization's managers wanted to purchase exciting technologies and they sometimes did.
Let's face it, In any organization you can mark dozens of items or technological projects that have gone down the drain or worse, remained stuck in the organization and become 'white elephants', which no one needs anymore, but no one has the courage to throw them away and tell the boss he was wrong…
What can be seen in a presentation or conference as an amazing innovative futuristic technological tool, quickly becomes a burden that occupies dozens of operational police officers without any results. Sometimes it's because of legal, geographical or operational obstacles, causing great frustration and preventing tactical teams from having success experiences.
It is important to integrate each tool into an overall operational concept. With a holistic view of the organization's activities and aims. For this purpose, the manager must first establish such concept and then put technological means in place and mark what the organization really lacks and not purchase an unnecessary toy and try to wrap it in ideology and enthusiasm.
Good, professional and reliable consultant saves the organization millions of dollars and streamlines all the work of the organization. A good leader knows how to lead the organization forward in a planning work that includes all the factors and is attentive to the needs of the operational 'production floor'