An eight-armed octopus has (only) one brain

Science and technology have created many new and exciting tools for the intelligence world – advanced cameras, extensive biometric identification, sensors of various types and especially a lot of information that accumulates from all those sensors and tools that are in the 24/7 area, collections and hamsters. Intelligence is ancient. the first spies were sent by Moses, two years after the exodus, to tour the land of Canaan before the Israelites entered and settled there. Since then, many intelligence tools and such as Humint, Sigint, Visint, Osint and Elint have been used not only for intelligence and enforcement purposes but also by business and social entities. This is an integral part of modern life. Those who do not see the full picture may mistake the practice of intel products that come from these tools according to interests or skills. It's a fatal mistake for an organization whose intelligence is the bread and butter. Efficient Intelligence requires holistic attitude and acceptance. Close look at the octopus can give us the right perspective. Eight arms, each one with multiple sensors and tools. These arms perform different tasks and transmit images, senses and data from different places and directions to the Octopus's brain. This One brain picks up all the information, processes it fast, and gives instructions for action. This is exactly how any organization or intelligence division should operate. There's no need to worry because of large amounts of information. Appropriate tools for the absorption, processing and distribution of intelligence must be built according to the organization's objectives and goals. We have developed amazing solutions and it is a duty for any organization that aspires to get better to integrate such solutions into its daily activities. An organization that doesn't develop technologically is like a cyclist who stops pedaling. The criminal organizations also strive to improve their activities technologically in order to overcome the supervision and monitoring of the police. Since the resources available to criminal organizations are large, in many cases they lead the 'technology race' with the police. We have to get better every single day